Squirrel Hill Reed Shop

Processed Oboe Cane

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Gouged Oboe Cane

Gouged cane is sold in bundles of ten (10) pieces.
We use cane with a diameter of 10.5 - 11

gouged on a Ross gouging machine.

We guarantee a high level of consistency as we carefully hand-select and process all of our cane by ourselves.

Price in USD : 


Gouged Shaped Oboe Cane

Gouged & shaped cane is sold in bundles of ten (10) pieces.
The cane is shaped with your choice of our

Mack-Pfeiffer, Mack++, Caleb-1, or RDG-1 shapes.

(Mack++ will be the default if no choice is specified.)

Price in USD : 


If you choose to pay by check, make sure to let us know beforehand so that we can give you an accurate total.

All checks must be made out to Geoffrey Sanford.

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On the first of each month, we will send an invoice for your order,

and on a specified date of your choosing, we will ship your cane to you!